Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Chastyti and the three bears

Once upon a time there were three bears and they were making porridge but the porridge was too hot so they went in the forest. They went to go get some fish in the forest. While they were gone Chastyti came to the house and she wanted to eat the porridge because she was hungry. She went to look for a chair to eat the porridge and she broke the chair and then the porridge went in her face. She then went to go and have a sleep. She went to the last room in the house and she tried the first bed but it was too hard and hot. Then she tried the second bed but it was too soft. Then she went to the next bed and it was just right. She fell asleep. The bears came back from fishing and they saw a little human sleeping. They were so mad they roared and scared her away. They chased her away and she fell in a hole. Chastiyti tried to yell for help but no one came for her. She tried to climb out and call for her mum. Her mum came and helped her out. Then she was so happy she went home and had a sleep. The end,

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